Refurbishing the Helm: Part 26 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Three helpful tips in Part 26, of the Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV:

  1. Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine helm hydraulicsRefurbishing is an alternative that can save you hundreds of dollars over buying a new one – and it comes out looking like new. See how it’s done to the helm in Part 26, of the Taco Marine Project Boat.
  2. Taco Marine and Ship Shape TV twin enginesIf you have two engines, that’s a lot of load on the wheel. A power assist puts high pressure into the steering cylinder making it much easier to steer, and reduces drift.
  3. aco Marine Project Boat and Ship Shape TV

    The “After photo” shows a new product called the “Terminal Tamer”

    Is your battery terminal a mess? Check out this “before and after” photo of a typical boaters’ battery, and then using a simple terminal extender which can make your battery maintenance much easier!

Check out the helpful helm-related tips in the Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV below:

Monitor your boat and track it’s location: Part 25 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

GOST security screens

The GOST system helps protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion. How? Contact sensors, motion detectors, infrared beam sensors, deck sensors, dock pull away sensors and many more, keep track of where and what is going on with your boat when you are not there. Plus, the sensors, sirens, acoustic sound barriers and flashing lights can chase off intruders before the boat is ever stolen and needs to be tracked. The video below shows the Gost system being installed on the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat. (Below the video is how to track the Taco Marine Project Boat).


Track the location of the Taco Marine Project Boat as it goes from location to location using the GOST Nav-Tracker system in these three easy steps: 

1. Go to:, click on LOG IN, and GOST Nav-Tracker Log In.

Gost for the Taco Marine Project Boat

2. Enter the User Name: and the password: 1234

3. Click the SECURE LOGIN button. That’s it!Gost - Global Ocean Security Technology for the Taco Marine Project Boat

Where’s the Boat? Up pops a map and a small orange square indicates the Project Boat’s location. You can easily zoom in and out of the map as the Project Boat travels to vendors as well as trade shows where the Taco Marine Project Boat will be on display.

Most tracking system

The Taco Marine Project Boat Wrap Inspired T-shirts

Thank you for your continued interest in the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat postings. Taco Marine has partnered with Ship Shape TV to transform an old 1989 Pursuit 2650 boat into having the very latest in marine innovations. Every part of the renovation is of the highest quality from the contributions of over 30 of the marine industry’s leading equipment and accessories suppliers.

This unique project is now in the final stages of completion and will continue to be showcased at several more boat shows this Fall including the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show, where it will be auctioned off on November 5th. If you are interested submitting a bid for the Project Boat – it’s another reason to follow this blog.

Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat T-shirt


We now have available an original T-shirt design by Dennis Friel – also the artist for the Taco Marine Project Boat wrap. It is a 100% polyester, long sleeve performance shirt designed to keep you cool, dry and comfortable on all occasions. Purchase this shirt online for just a $35.00 donation – includes shipping and handling. All profits go to support the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) and I’m Logan It college scholarships.

The link to get the shirts:

We hope to see you at the 2017 Ft. Lauderdale Boat Show November 2nd – 6th where the Taco Marine Project Boat will be on full display and ready to go on the water and we also wish you the best of luck once the auction begins. Thank you again for your support.

I'm Logan It FoundationAll proceeds from the Taco Marine Project Boat auction will benefit the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation which supports the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund (JDRF) and college scholarships for deserving young people.

The I’M Logan IT Foundation.  The I’M LOGAN IT Foundation is a charitable fund maintained by the Pinellas Community Foundation (PCF), a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your contribution is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. PO Box 307, Safety Harbor, FL 34695-0307

The Boat Wrap: Part 24 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Ship Shape TV project boat wrap

Marine artist Dennis Friel at work

From ideas, to sketches, to final art – watch how the boat wrap becomes reality.
This is pretty exciting to have the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat get its boat wrap designed by marine artist Dennis Friel. Dennis is a well know marine artist with many of his pieces in the IGFA Hall of Fame.

Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat WrapDennis Friel was commissioned to create the custom artwork for the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat’s wrap. In the video below we follow the process from sketch, to computer art, to figuring out how to make the wrap fit the shape of the Taco Marine Project Boat.

Watch the creative process behind the Taco Marine Project Boat wrap, click the image below to watch the 4 minute video.



Dash Panel Installation: Part 23 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Taco Marine Ship Shape TV dash panel

This short two-minute video offers a behind-the-panel tip on how dash panels are connected and installed properly. This may help you understand why and how an electrical problem related to the dash panel and wiring gets fixed in the future. Should you silicon the dash panel when fastening it to the deck? Discover the pros and cons of using a silicon sealer when a dash is installed in the video below:

Boat Windshield Installation: Part 22 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

boat windshield replacement

The plan is to install a power actuated arm on the deck to operate the center windshield.

On the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat, we are replacing the old windshield utilizing the latest technology. Push a button for the power activated arm, and the front lower section opens or closes to get that breeze-in-your-face cooling effect.

Taco Marine Project Boat windshieldCheck your windshield: Look for dry, cracked seals and caulking that may cause the windshield to vibrate, or even worse – leak.

That said, since you are constantly looking out through your windshield while boating – consider fixing or replacing it with a clear and leak-free windshield.

Touch-up welding of pits and holes is part of refurbishing a windshield frame.

Repair or replace? You may not need to completely replace your windshield and frame, just get it refurbished and possibly add new glass – see how in the video below.

taco Marine windshieldSilicon sealant is used in the frame joints, and waterproof foam sealant is used between the frame and the fiberglass deck of the boat.

Watch Part 22 below, of the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat, to learn how to refurbish a boat windshield, or if needed, replace it.


Portlights: Part 21 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Taco Marine Project BoatWatch how easy it is to replace those old, scratched and partly opaque portlights with brand new ones. It’s a relatively inexpensive project to help make your boat look new again.

Above – the trim ring is fed in from the outside and sealed with calking. On the inside – bend some tabs, secure with a few screws, then caulk and screw in the port light and you’re done. See how easy this project is to do in the video below: