TACO Marine Project Boat Part 3 – Boat Seats

TACO Marine Project Boat: Part 3 – Types of boat seats, styles and sizes that could be incorporated into the 1989 Pursuit 2650 boat project.

Seat to leaning post with a flip of the bolster

A flip of the bolster turns the seat into a leaning post.

Some older boat seating designs are the basic square foam pads, with no armrests, low-grade fabric, and lack features now available in the marine marketplace. To update this 1989 boat to 2016 standards, new seats range from 19- to 28-inches wide with bench seating up to 40″ wide. TACO Marine seats have contoured shaped foam for comfort, arm rests that fold down and a bolster that flips up as needed to change a seat into a leaning post. Several seat slide options are also available to best fit each seat application.

The 5 minute video below shows how the seats are manufactured for the TACO Marine project boat and made with materials that prevent mold, mildew and pink staining. Stay tuned for Part 4 – How to remove parts of the boat in an organized fashion.

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