TACO Marine Project Boat Part 4 – Boat Part Removal

Ship Sahpe TV tips on taking a boat apartRemoving parts and labeling them as you go, makes it so much easier when putting the boat back together again. Using masking tape and markers is a simple and easy method of keeping track of what goes where. Make sure you check the construction methods the original boat builder used to attach parts, as you may either need to use the same process, or upgrade the fastening methods to more current standards to improve safety.

Sometimes just ripping and tearing the headliner is your only option to get to the top’s Taco Marine and Ship Shape TVfasteners below deck. Then replacing the headliner is another whole project unto itself.

The Part 4 video shows you how to remove parts that need replacing and provides a tip for attaching rails that can make a boat safer. To gain insights into properly securing a railing to make sure it provides adequate safety, removing the windshield and other boat make-over tips, watch the latest video below, Part 4 – Discovering what a boat is really made of when taking it apart.

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