TACO Marine Project Boat Part 5 – Gelcoat

Repairing gelcoat holes in boats

The bow of the boat suffered banging and bumping into docks and other boats, we’ll show you how to fix this.

Repair gelcoat scratches in boats


A computer scans your your gelcoat sample and then provides a formula for pigments to create the exact color match.

Gelcoat is the exposed outer surface seen on boats, and can become rough or damaged due to exposure and general “wear and tear” from years of use. It’s designed to prevent UV degradation to the fiberglass and resins that make up the construction of hull and deck, and also provides a cosmetic surface.

Shown in the picture on the left, is an example of some gouges and scratches present on the TACO Marine Project Boat. Because the bow eye hardware was no longer needed, they left some holes after they were removed.

Repair Tip: Instead of using fiberglass cloth to fix large holes, Ship Shape TV and one of our industry partners demonstrates how to use milled chopped fiberglass fibers mixed with a catalyzed resin – a faster and easier repair process.

Repair Tip: Many older boats have seen much wear or abuse like the TACO Marine Project Boat shown here on the left. Our industry partner provided some special filler material and new brush-on style of gelcoat for the Ship Shape TV technician to use on the bow pulpit of the boat

Repair Tip: Part 5 also shows you how your current color of gelcoat can be closely matched, and where to obtain new material for your old or damaged gelcoat. Even gelcoat that is faded or decades old can be closely matched with current technology.

Repair boat's gelcoat easilyA new gelcoat product shown in this segment has a special ingredient which allows a brush application  to flow out into a smoother finish than previous gelcoat products. With a light sanding and buffing, you can create a smoother final finish for your repairs.

For more insights into working with new gelcoats and other makeover tips, watch the latest video below, Part 5 – Gelcoat.

1 thought on “TACO Marine Project Boat Part 5 – Gelcoat

  1. My wife and I found the gelcoat on our boat has started to look worn as well, so thanks for the helpful repair tips. It’s good to know that the new gelcoat can easily be made to match the rest of the boat’s color too. We’ll have to find a shop in our area that can do stuff like this before we use the boat again.


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