Project Boat Continues Legacy of Logan: An open letter from Mike Kushner of TACO Metals

The TACO Marine Project Boat represents a full transformation of a tired 28-year-old boat into a brand new, custom beauty – showcasing the latest and greatest products from TACO and dozens of other leading marine product manufacturers. Yet this industry-wide collaboration represents so much more than just a great remodeling venture – it also represents hope, caring for others, giving back and continuing the legacy of an amazing young man.

Project Boat began more than two years ago as a bold idea to raise money for charity – specifically, the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation, which provides support to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and scholarships to deserving students.

Logan Kushner

Logan volunteered for the JDRF – parking cars in a full tuxedo.

I’M LOGAN IT was created in memory of Logan Matthew Kushner, who passed away in 2012. Logan left behind a legacy dedicated to education, team sports and helping others.

Logan never knew a stranger. His most important qualities were caring about people and positively impacting the lives of others. His smiles, hugs and enthusiasm for life were genuine. Logan is dearly missed.

As a 59-year-old business founded on family principles, TACO has always strived to develop more than just business agreements with our customers, but rather long-standing relationships and friendships – values Logan emulated throughout his life.

All proceeds from every Project Boat raffle ticket donation are given to the I’M LOGAN IT Foundation – helping kids in need and striving to make a positive impact in the lives of others. The Foundation’s goal is to remind us to always give 150 percent effort in everything we do and to always be there to lend a hand to those in need – just like Logan did.

Taco Marine Project Boat benefitting the I'm Logan It Foundation

Logan with his flag football teammates.

Please lend your support by making a donation for a chance to win this unique custom boat and by sharing Project Boat with all others you know who may be interested. For additional information please visit


Mike Kushner

Taco marine Project Boat

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