TACO Marine Project Boat Part 8 – Fuel Tanks

A leaky fuel tank needs to be fixed or replacedHaving fuel tanks that leak fuel is wasteful and dangerous. To test for leaks the TNT Custom Boatworks staff pressurized the TACO Marine Project Boat’s fuel tanks with 3 pounds of air pressure and then went around the seams and weld joints with a soapy paint brush. Notice all the pin hole leaks causing bubbles around the seams. Older boats in use may have similar leak issues, so it is a good idea to have your boat checked. If left un-addressed, fuel leaks are bad for the environment and could be dangerous if not repaired. With the TACO Marine Project Boat going to a future owner, we chose to have new tanks made versus repairing the pin-holes. Make sure your new fuel tanks are built by a certified tank manufacturer so they meet specific US Coast Guard requirements. Check to see if your current fuel tanks have a seal or placard with a US Coast Guard Approval designation.

Boat fuel tanks are typically made from different gauges of aluminum, from 1/8 to 1/4 inch, depending on the sizFuel-Coatinge – in gallons – of your tank. An option for more protection to help prevent fuel tank leaks in the future, is to have them powder-coated, shown here on the left. With the boat being upgraded to best possible state, we opted to have our new tanks powder coated

Watch the video below to see how the new fuel tanks were built and the options we had as the manufacturing process took place.

boat fuel level sensor

A couple of fuel tank sensor unit options discussed in the video are the Rochester Arm Sender unit that has been used for decades, and a Wema Fuel Level Sensor that slides up and down.

Fuel tank sensor

Coming Soon: TACO Marine Project Boat Part 8 – Fuel Tanks

Taco Marine

Discussing the fuel tank design for proper function of filling and venting the fuel.

Because of the harsh marine environment, fuel tanks may corrode and cause tiny pin holes that create fuel leak problems –  problems that you may never see, but ones you’re able to smell. To help prevent that corrosion, the TACO Marine Project Boat’s fuel tanks were also upgraded with a powder coated exterior surface. Watch how a high-end boat fuel tank is made by TNT Custom Boatworks, one of our industry partners.

Coming soon: TACO Marine Project Boat Part 8 – Fuel Tanks.