TACO Marine Project Boat Part 10 – Painting

Putty for fiberglass boats

Applying a special putty to smooth out the fiberglass repair.

Part 10 of the TACO Marine Project Boat  is filled with prepping and painting tips. Before painting the deck, a product called Super Poly-Fill putty was used over some exposed structural fiberglass in the splash well to provide a smoother surface for the paint. It sanded real easy and Ship Shape TV was able to paint over the top of it. If you have some micro scratches in your gelcoat, they recommend Gelcoat Putty that’s used for that finer type of repair. But if you need to repair below the water line, it’s best to use Trowel-On Epoxy Putty which is resistant to osmotic blistering for a more permanent solution.

Painting a boat with a roller or spray?

Ship Shape TV spray painted the TACO Marine Project Boat versus using a roll-on method.

When it came time to painting, we learned a few tips from Ship Shape TV and other vendors that you might find helpful. From priming to sealing, to sand or not sand, to roll-on or spray-on the paint finish – it all depends on your needs and application. Watch the 5-minute video below for some helpful information.