TACO Marine Project Boat Part 16 – Wiring

Factory wire harnessWired behind the scenes: Part 16 is a really interesting video where Ship Shape TV takes you to a boat wiring factory and shows you how they organize and assemble boat wiring harnesses – and specifically for the TACO Marine Project boat. We’ve included a few wiring tips as well as show you how to properly run wire throughout your boat.

Boat bus barShown here is a typical bus bar, which is exposed to the elements and potentially salty, corrosive, humid air. The TACO Marine Project Boat is using a totally encased “sealed” bus bar courtesy of the Pacer Group, electrical wire, components and systems.

Wire harness installationAn innovative remote feature was added that will allow cockpit and hardtop lights to illuminate as the boat owner approaches on the dock.

Wiring on the scene: Even if you don’t plan to rewire your boat, this video is a fascinating behind the scenes peek into how a boat is wired. If you do need to repair your boat’s wiring, the video discusses the organization behind a boat’s wiring harness – which may help you find or fix wiring issues with your boat.