How to Add Shade to Your Boat: Part 29 – The TACO Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Ship Shape TV Boat shade

The cool thing about Part 29, of the Ship Shape TV and TACO Marine Project boat? There is a way to add protection from the sun to your boat, and to keep cool. The Sunfly Shade™ from Canvas Designers is made from Sunbrella’s Contour™ knitted fabric, and not only blocks out the sun, but it also allows the wind to flow through to keep you cooler. This is a great way to add additional shade to your boat – plus, you can keep it up while boating from place to place during the day. Another advantage of this shade material made by Sunbrella is that you can clean it with bleach and it won’t harm colors. Check out the short video segment below from a Ship Shape TV episode: