Refurbishing the Helm: Part 26 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Three helpful tips in Part 26, of the Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV:

  1. Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine helm hydraulicsRefurbishing is an alternative that can save you hundreds of dollars over buying a new one – and it comes out looking like new. See how it’s done to the helm in Part 26, of the Taco Marine Project Boat.
  2. Taco Marine and Ship Shape TV twin enginesIf you have two engines, that’s a lot of load on the wheel. A power assist puts high pressure into the steering cylinder making it much easier to steer, and reduces drift.
  3. aco Marine Project Boat and Ship Shape TV

    The “After photo” shows a new product called the “Terminal Tamer”

    Is your battery terminal a mess? Check out this “before and after” photo of a typical boaters’ battery, and then using a simple terminal extender which can make your battery maintenance much easier!

Check out the helpful helm-related tips in the Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV below:

TACO Marine Project Boat Part 18 – Installing the Hardtop

Ship Shape TV and TACO Marine provided tips on how they installed the new hardtop for the TACO Marine Project Boat. Just click above to watch the two-minute video on attaching the frame. Below are a couple added tips for attaching the frame to the boat’s fiberglass shell.

Ship Shape TVWe used 3M 5200 sealant for all the bolts that sealed the plates to prevent moisture from seeping in. We also use backing plates under the fiberglass in the cabin to where the frame attached that provided added strength and to prevent cracking.