TACO Marine Project Boat Completes First Water Testing

TACO Marine® Project Boat winner Roger LeFranc, along with his wife Crystal and son Justin, joined TACO Vice President of Sales & Marketing Mike Kushner and Ship Shape TV Host John Greviskis for the first in a series of Project Boat water tests at Burt Reynolds Park in Jupiter, Florida March 2.

“It was pretty amazing,” said Roger LeFranc, a Florida native from Satellite Beach who grew up fishing and boating. “I don’t know how to explain it. [It’s] very exciting.”

Check out the video below for some highlights from the day.

While water testing Project Boat, we monitored many products – evaluating performance, durability and speed in the engines, electronics, batteries and more. Although the boat wasn’t in the open ocean, Roger tested the fully-remodeled 1989 Pursuit 2650 at higher speeds. To give you an idea of how fast, check out the video below.

With the first tests concluded, we’re making some tweaks to the engines and adding weight to the bow – prepping for Project Boat’s next adventure on the high seas with Roger pushing it full throttle. 

Stay tuned for more TACO Marine Project Boat updates, including the ocean testing and when Roger officially christens the boat “Justin Time II,” in honor of his son. Once christened, Roger and Justin said they plan to enter fishing tournaments and officially compete in Project Boat as the Justin Time Fishing Team.

TACO Marine Project Boat Part 3 – Boat Seats

TACO Marine Project Boat: Part 3 – Types of boat seats, styles and sizes that could be incorporated into the 1989 Pursuit 2650 boat project.

Seat to leaning post with a flip of the bolster

A flip of the bolster turns the seat into a leaning post.

Some older boat seating designs are the basic square foam pads, with no armrests, low-grade fabric, and lack features now available in the marine marketplace. To update this 1989 boat to 2016 standards, new seats range from 19- to 28-inches wide with bench seating up to 40″ wide. TACO Marine seats have contoured shaped foam for comfort, arm rests that fold down and a bolster that flips up as needed to change a seat into a leaning post. Several seat slide options are also available to best fit each seat application.

The 5 minute video below shows how the seats are manufactured for the TACO Marine project boat and made with materials that prevent mold, mildew and pink staining. Stay tuned for Part 4 – How to remove parts of the boat in an organized fashion.

TACO Marine Project Boat Part 2 – Vision

Ship Shape TV and TACO Marine are doing a complete makeover of a 1989 Pursuit 2650. Part 2 of the series lays out the vision for what to do about the old style windshield, choices on how to improve the seating and to make sure the seat pedestal is structurally sound, replacing the T-top with low profile TACO Marine LED lighting and finally something different – a retractable shade extending out from the T-top. Check out these Ideas and others as you might be able to use them in the future on your boat. They are even clever enough to tell a friend to visit the TACO Marine Project Boat blog this coming year as Ship Shape TV updates a 1989 Pursuit to 2016 standards and showcases some innovative marine products from TACO Marine.


TACO Marine Project Boat Part 1 – Overview

TACO Marine has an exciting project with Ship Shape TV! 

It encompasses upgrading a 1989 Pursuit 2650 boat to 2016 Model Year standards using thTaco Marine's Ship Shape project boate latest, most advanced TACO Marine products and those provided by our marine industry partners. Once completed, the boat will be sold with proceeds being donated to a non-profit organization, I’M LOGAN IT Foundation. With the help of Ship Shape TV and other companies in the marine industry, like Taylor Made, Teak Isle, BT’s Welding and Yamaha – this boat will surely be in high demand.

Here’s a video overview of the TACO Marine Project Boat: