Dash Panel Installation: Part 23 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Taco Marine Ship Shape TV dash panel

This short two-minute video offers a behind-the-panel tip on how dash panels are connected and installed properly. This may help you understand why and how an electrical problem related to the dash panel and wiring gets fixed in the future. Should you silicon the dash panel when fastening it to the deck? Discover the pros and cons of using a silicon sealer when a dash is installed in the video below:

Boat Windshield Installation: Part 22 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

boat windshield replacement

The plan is to install a power actuated arm on the deck to operate the center windshield.

On the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat, we are replacing the old windshield utilizing the latest technology. Push a button for the power activated arm, and the front lower section opens or closes to get that breeze-in-your-face cooling effect.

Taco Marine Project Boat windshieldCheck your windshield: Look for dry, cracked seals and caulking that may cause the windshield to vibrate, or even worse – leak.

That said, since you are constantly looking out through your windshield while boating – consider fixing or replacing it with a clear and leak-free windshield.

Touch-up welding of pits and holes is part of refurbishing a windshield frame.

Repair or replace? You may not need to completely replace your windshield and frame, just get it refurbished and possibly add new glass – see how in the video below.

taco Marine windshieldSilicon sealant is used in the frame joints, and waterproof foam sealant is used between the frame and the fiberglass deck of the boat.

Watch Part 22 below, of the Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine Project Boat, to learn how to refurbish a boat windshield, or if needed, replace it.


Portlights: Part 21 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Taco Marine Project BoatWatch how easy it is to replace those old, scratched and partly opaque portlights with brand new ones. It’s a relatively inexpensive project to help make your boat look new again.

Above – the trim ring is fed in from the outside and sealed with calking. On the inside – bend some tabs, secure with a few screws, then caulk and screw in the port light and you’re done. See how easy this project is to do in the video below:

Bolsters and Cushions: Part 20 – The Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Part 20 of the Taco Marine and the Ship Shape TV Project Boat provides insight on how foam density selection is based on the area primarily to be used for sitting or sleeping. For each area, combinations of different densities of foam are used for maximum comfort. Plus, an interior designer provides helpful tips on when to use plain and patterned fabrics. Click on the video below for insights on bolsters and cushions.




Installing the Hard Top: Part 18 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Ship Shape TV and Taco Marine provided tips on how they installed the new hard top for the Taco Marine Project Boat. Just click above to watch the two-minute video on attaching the frame. Below are a couple added tips for attaching the frame to the boat’s fiberglass shell.

Ship Shape TVWe used 3M 5200 sealant for all the bolts that sealed the plates to prevent moisture from seeping in. We also use backing plates under the fiberglass in the cabin to where the frame attached that provided added strength and to prevent cracking.

Wiring: Part 16 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

Factory wire harnessWired behind the scenes: Part 16, is a really interesting video where Ship Shape TV takes you to a boat wiring factory and shows you how they organize and assemble boat wiring harnesses – and specifically for the Taco Marine Project boat. We’ve included a few wiring tips as well as show you how to properly run wire throughout your boat.

Boat bus barShown here is a typical bus bar which is exposed to the elements and potentially salty, corrosive, humid air. The Taco Marine Project Boat is using a totally encased “sealed” bus bar courtesy of the Pacer Group, electrical wire, components and systems.

Wire harness installationAn innovative remote feature has been added that will allow cockpit and hardtop lights to illuminate as the boat owner approaches on the dock.

Wiring on the scene: Even if you don’t plan to rewire your boat, this video is a fascinating behind the scenes peek into how a boat is wired. If you do need to repair your boat’s wiring, the video discusses the organization behind a boat’s wiring harness – which may help you find or fix wiring issues with your boat. Wiring video below:


Hard Top Frame Design: Part 15 – Taco Marine Project Boat on Ship Shape TV.

In Part 14 we discussed the boat’s hard top had close to a hundred holes that needed to be filled. We filled the holes in the top by drilling larger counter sink holes and filled them with an epoxy resin mixed with milled fibers. With so many holes needing to being fixed, we asked ourselves, “Do we completely rebuild the top or engineer a completely new top?”  We concluded it would be best for maintaining the quality integrity of the Project Boat, to produce a brand new top – so off to the computer we went. Here is a preview of engineering a new top for the Taco Marine Project boat in a Cad Cam system before it goes into the building phase. Imagery and information collected while on site at Vectorworks in Titusville Florida.